In higher education, 1 in 3 workers are in a non-permanent contract, often part-time with variable hours. Many of us are expected to perform tasks outside our contractual obligations, and many are afraid to complain. Wages are low and employment insecure. This damages students’ education and puts staff into poverty and insecurity.

While Queen Mary pays its higher-tier staff increasingly staggering salaries, casualised staff such as hourly-paid teachers, facilities, office and outsourced staff are earning so little that they can barely survive, and have very insecure incomes. While inflation rises, real wages go down: for example, hourly-paid teaching staff at Queen Mary have not had a pay rise since 2009. Casualised staff are now fighting for basic rights such as:

  • Decent pay and respect for our work
  • Fair terms and conditions, for example on holiday, sick pay, notice periods, training, and recruitment transparency
  • Job security and permanent employment
  • Getting paid for all the hours we work

Together we can win better working conditions for staff, a better education for students, and a more sustainable and diverse university environment. Other London universities have already had successes. Join us! We need help spreading the word, planning actions, and gathering information.

This network is open to anybody concerned about issues related to the casualisation of staff at every level at Queen Mary, and across the UK Higher Education system.

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  1. Hi, I’ve not been able to come along to these meetings but I’m glad they’re going ahead. Will you be updating the blog with outcomes of what’s been discussed?


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